BMW M is known to do a wacky thing or two occasionally. Take, for example, the Z3 M Coupe, Phoenix Yellow for the E46, or building the X5/6M, period.

No one ever really expected that to happen at all. It had all of the ingredients of an M nightmare: all-wheel drive, forced induction and it was a sport-utility vehicle. Yet, I have come to adore it in every way. Amazing, really.

But now it looks like BMW may be tinkering around in its shop with the X6M. The one thing we're not entirely sure of is what kind of work BMW is doing to this X6M-bodied project car. Notice the large air scoop in the hood and two air extractor outlets.

Though there hasn't been any reliable sources reporting what's going on, the current buzz is circling around a tri-turbo X6M. Here's the catch; some publications are saying it's a tri-turbo DIESEL.

Regardless of what it is, we know one thing that's for sure. This motor likes to BREATHE.

Just spotted performing testing on the Nurburgring is the upcoming special X6 M model, which will come in with an even higher power output than the standard X6 M's 555hp.

The power increase is expected to be subtle and will remain under the 600hp mark. There will also be changes to the car's weight and significant changes to the overall feel of the driving experience.

As before, it features a large hood air scoop and air extractor outlets flanking the scoop. No details yet on what exact powerplant or modifications have been applied to the X6 M's motor, but whatever powerplant variant may be under the hood certaintly seems like it needs to move a lot of O2. The other cosmetic enhancement spotted is the addition of more aggressive sideskirts...

[Source: xbimmers]

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SPIED: What On EARTH Is BMW Doing With This X6M?

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