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Arguably one of the finest sport sedans out there is the BMW M5. No, not the one with the V10, that one was "meh."

We're talking about the E39. That's the generation that was dubbed the best car, ever, by a group of auto journos. Although we know they barely know what they're talking about most of the time, they actually got something right.

With that said, when the opportunity comes a knocking to pick one of these up, is it worth it? Well, that's depending who you ask.

Though the E39 M5 is a notorious hoot, it is also known for being a bit of a problem child at this age.

Would you pull the trigger and snap one of these up under the right circumstances or should this car simply be put out to pasture?

Jul writes:

Hey Man, I’d like to have your opinion: What do you think of the E39 M5?

Let me rephrase: What would you think about a 98000 miles absolutely mint condition, owned by an older gentleman with 3 or 4 other cars (the E39 not being his daily driver), with VANOS changed, clutch changed, and everything that could break down been changed as a preventive measure, E39 M5? … For $15K?

Wondering if I would treat myself to a potential money pit here buying this beast (that I already test drove, I’m in Love) knowing that I will not be driving it more than…5000 miles a year for the next two years MAX!


[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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A Labor Of LOVE or A Money PIT? The BMW E39 M5

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