One of the most exciting products that BMW builds is the M3. Case in point: the last-generation M3, the E90/2, is STILL winning comparison tests versus the all-new Audi RS5 and Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe.

Considering those products are all new, you'd expect them to sweep the M3 off its feet, not the case.

With that said, now that the M5 has been fully exposed, attention has been slowly shifting towards the next-gen M3 that's now under development.

For the first time, we've got video of the new product on camera and here's the exciting bit: you can hear its exhaust note pretty clearly.

**Make sure to take a listen and let us know what YOU think motor it is running

Exciting news! After several sets of spy shots and news of the F80 M3 sedan getting its approval, we're happy to finally share the very first spy video of the 2014 M3 Sedan, internally dubbed the F80. As usual, this video provides a much more dynamic impression of the car than photos. No surprise that the new M3 looks very planted as it's sitting fairly low and shows no body roll in these (admittedly) urban driving scenes. Overall, the M3 with its M bumpers and bulging wheel arches looks pugnacious and much more aggressive than the F30 3-series in the F30 spy photos/videos.

What's new in this video besides the live view and sounds? Looking at the F80 from behind, you can finally make out the limited slip differential and two mid pipes running from the engine to the mufflers...

[Source: F30post]

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SPY VIDEO: BMW's Next-Gen M3 Gets HEARD For The First Time - What Motor Does This Sound Like To YOU?

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