When we were little kids we always were told that about innovation and by the 2000s we'd have flying cars. Aside from a couple of fellas who were tinkering around in their shed, no one has built a flying auto.

In fact, I believe it's safe to say that idea has been abandoned all together. That's because the new trend is autonomous cars.

Don't believe me? Well, we see what Google's been up to and now General Motors is stepping out and proclaiming that FULLY autonomous vehicles will be available by 2020. By 2015 we can expect cars to use some autonomous features to avoid accidents and increase safety.

Fully autonomous vehicles will be with us ‘by the end of the decade,’ according to General Motors’ R&D chief Alan Taub. Vehicles that partially drive themselves will be available ‘by the middle of the decade,’ Taub added.

Using sensors, radars, GPS systems and cameras will “supply critical information to the driver and car’s computer systems” to provide “added convenience by partially or even completely taking over the driving duties,” Taub added...

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Forget Flying Cars, By The End Of The Decade We'll Have Autonomous Cars

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