You have to love superlatives. That's because they're simply an extreme representation of its respective class. Of course being AutoSpies, we have decided to take that and apply it to cars.

But we don't want to talk about the BEST looking vehicle or who has the BEST in-car interface right now. We're more curious in something else:

WHAT car currently in dealer showrooms is the FASTEST piece of CRAP on Earth?

They're are plenty of fast cars out there these days but which one ultimately embodies that scary feeling when you're crossing triple digits and think to yourself "Why am I going over 100 in THIS?!"

Think of a specific vehicle that -- while it may be a speed demon -- really makes you wonder if it'll be reliable several years down the road or has a ghastly, poor quality interior.

Even better, if you have any personal stories or anecdotes behind the wheel, let us know in the comments down below...

WHAT Car For Sale In Dealers Today Is The Fastest Piece Of CRAP On Earth?

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