Although folks tend to complain about Audi's lack of differentiation in design between models, you can't deny that these cars all have one trait in common: each Audi looks sophisticated. And if this rendering is accurate in any sense, it looks like Audi will be spreading the sophistication with the next-gen A3.

As we've seen with the refreshed 2012 A4/S4 and A5/S5, this rendering takes inspiration from the stylish A7 and slaps them onto the artist's rendering of an A3.

Now I am editorializing here but if the real deal looks remotely like this rendering I can't think of one reason why anyone would want to buy an all-new BMW 1-Series. The new 1-Series just looks completely unfocused and goofy compared to this clean and minimalistic take.

What say you, Spies?

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RENDERED SPECUALTION: If Audi's Next-Gen A3 Looks Like THIS Will You Be Pleasantly Surprised?

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