As some of you may be aware, here at AutoSpies, we're pretty big fans of the Porsche Panamera.

Although this may be surprising to some of you but after driving all of the currently available models, my personal favorite is the standard V6 Panamera. I must admit though, I am a sucker for Alcantara.

With that said, it didn't take more than half a second for me to become smitten by the all-new GTS. Between that, the additional power, lowered suspension and bigger brakes, this car is supposed to be the sportiest Panamera yet. We'll only know after we drive it but until then, enjoy the video of the Panamera GTS at the track down below.

Making its world premiere at the 2011 L.A. Autoshow, the new Panamera GTS is the purest interpretation of our sports car for four. Witness its amazing performance in this video...

2011 Los Angeles Auto Show Photo Gallery

VIDEO: The NEW Panamera GTS Gets A Workout On The Track

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