As many of you already know by now, Lexus' F division has been repeatedly taking flack since the debut of the IS-F and LFA. But after driving both I have given both of their offerings plenty of respect.

Everyone forgets that the IS-F was Lexus' first hardcore attempt AND the LFA is a masterpiece. You'll never know until you drive one.

Lexus isn't going to let all the hate bog it down neither. With the all-new GS coming down the pipe word has been floating around about a GS-F. Until then though, you'll have to make do with what is rumored to be making an appearance at this year's Tokyo Auto Show -- the IS-F Club Sport.

Think of the Club Sport this way, it will be the IS-F CSL/Black Series for Lexus. You know what that means: lightweight components, everywhere.

With that said, Toyota Racing Development -- a.k.a. TRD -- may have everyone shutting their loudmouths very soon.

...The IS-F Circuit Club Sport features carbonfibre in place of many of the regular IS-F’s steel panels, on the bonnet, roof, boot, front wings, side skirts and rear diffuser.

The interior has also received a carbonfibre makeover from TRD (Toyota Racing Development), although it hasn’t been revealed how much weight has been saved overall...

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RUMOR: From Concept To Reality - The Lexus IS-F Club Sport Is Set To Debut In The Land Of The Rising Sun

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