Although we have already established our love for the 2011 BMW 1M, there is one thing that is lacking: a proper color palette.

While BMW has limited the already limited vehicle's choices when it comes to exterior paint, some folks -- when left to their own devices -- will come up with their own solution. For one BMW 1M owner, that meant getting his vehicle fully wrapped so they could enjoy the car as they had imagined it from day one.

According to this 1M forum user, BMW would not paint his 1M Monte Carlo blue. So, he sent it to Dubai for the proper treatment.

As with many 1M enthusiasts, I was wishing BMW to offer Monte Carlo Blue on the 1M even if it meant I had to pay extra costs, but sadly it was not possible.

After a short time since purchasing the 1M, I stumbled on a wrapping/foiling company add in the local Autotrader mags which showed a lovely MC Blue look alike car wrap done on a certain car. I immediately wrang them up and set up to take my car there (Dubai).

(Side note : gave the rear lights a slight tint along with the centre brake line AND the rear diffuser wrapped in gloss black)

Less talking from me. Have some pics !

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What Do YOU Do If BMW WON'T Paint Your 1M An Individual Color? Take Matters Into Your Own Hands...

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