You know the boys and girls over in Maranello, they can't sit on their hands for too long.

As the Ferrari California gets another year older, those fiesty Italians have decided to up its sporting appeal a bit by offering what is said to be a "handling speciale" package. The purpose of this performance package is to give the California a more focused set of driving dynamics.

Think of it as the same thing as previous upgrades offered by Ferrari for the 599 GTB and 612 Scaglietti.

According to Autocar, the California will not receive the NACA ducts you see in the photo...

Ferrari will boost the power of the V8-engined Ferrari California next February and offer a new handling pack, which this mule is understood to be testing during high-speed runs around the Fiorano test track. The ‘Handling Speciale’ package will feature significant upgrades to steering, dampers and springs in the mould of the HGTE package offered on the 599.

The HS pack will move the easy-driving California — which is expanding sales to customers mostly new to Ferrari — into more focused territory closer to Ferrari’s traditional appeal. Reprogrammed control software for the California’s magnetorheological dampers and lower-friction seals in the Delphi-supplied dampers will allow the suspension to respond up to 50 per cent faster to bumps...

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SPIED: Ferrari Tweaking The California By Offering

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