In recent weeks we've been giving the British automotive program, Fifth Gear -- no, not the other one -- some love. Now while we've seen tests of other products, this is where things get interesting. That's because they're behind the wheel of something we haven't heard anything but praise about...

Fifth Gear's Vicki Butler-Henderson got her hands on the all-new 2012 BMW M5. Considering how long plenty of folks were waiting for this vehicle to come to market, it's only right that we display what one of the world's best auto progs has to say about it.

Not to mention it's hard not to adore Vicki.

As much as ham-headed YouTube commenters make snide remarks about her skirt, I happen to appreciate her for her straightforward reviews, delightful cackle and sideways driving.

That said, take some time out to watch her review of the all-new M5. Does it pass the Vicki test?

DRIVEN: Fifth Gear Gives The All-New BMW M5 A Proper Test

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