The Ferrari California debuted to a mixed reception. Many lambasted the Cali because it was Ferrari's self-admitted attempt to build a car for women. For some, the whole folding hard-top roof took away from that whole purity of driving thing.

Others, like me, just downright hated the styling since it boasted an ass that would give J.Lo a run for her money.

Well, at least it sounded good.

The good news is that Ferrari sold a bunch of them and it's not going to get complacent. Said to be appearing at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show will be an updated California that tunes into its sportier side. That means less weight and more power.

And if that's not enough to catch your ear, Ferrari will also begin offering the vehicle with a handling package, much like you'd find on a 599 or the now defunct 612.

Ferrari has revealed details of an updated California that's not only shed 30kg of weight but has also gained an extra 30bhp. 

Thanks to new exhaust manifolds and re-tuned engine mapping, the 4.3-litre V8 now produces 483bhp and 505Nm of torque...

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Ferrari's California To Get Lighter, More Powerful And FASTER

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