As the typical Ferrari model cycle goes, the normal car debuts, a handling or sport package comes out, then there is a special edition like the Stradale, Scuderia or GTO.

Looking back, it's pretty clear the 599 GTB is on its way out the door. That said, what's next?

New mules have been spotted outside of Ferrari's Maranello factory and rumors have speculated over a new car dubbed the "F620 GT."

Naturally, this has led some talented artists to sketch out what may be created by the artisans of Maranello. Keeping with the front-engine V12 tradition, the next-generation Ferrari GT will likely feature elements of classic design with some modern touches to enhance performance.

What do you think of their latest interpretations? Is the more dramatic front fenders and enhanced rear three-quarter a good/bad look?

What say you, Spies?

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SKETCHED OUT: As Ferrari Preps It's 599 Replacement, Curiosity Grows Over The 620GT

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