If you were worried that BMW would possibly kill off the 1M, fear no more!

According to the latest reports, which comes from the best possible source -- BMW M CEO Friedrich Nitschke -- the M135i has been given the green light and is on its way.

However, there is a catch. The M135i will not reach the States look as you may have seen at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Though there has not been an official confirmation, it's very likely that the next-gen 1-Series M will be modeled after the coupe, like the 2011 1M.

...BMW M CEO Dr. Friedrich Nitschke, said that a version of the BMW M135i, but not the hatchback, will be coming to the U.S. (We read between the lines that this could be the coupe version).

Dr. Nitschke also says that the M135i was specifically built for the U.S. market and customers, but the M135i Hatchback remains an European-only affair...

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CONFIRMED! A BMW M135i Is On Its Way! But, There's A Catch...

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