Up until the recently launched Range Rover Evoque, the flagship Range was really the only significantly differentiated product in the lineup. You really only had three products -- four, if you include the Defender: the Freelander, the Discovery, and the big poppa.

Now that the Evoque and definitely here to stay as it's generating great sales, it seems that the "baby" Range will be influencing the grown up quite a bit. Last week a publication came forward with sketches that were drawn up after they met with Jaguar Land Rover's people.

With this latest series of spy images, you have to look close, but you can make out the character lines of the headlights and taillights that have that Ford Explorer/Range Rover Evoque sweep to them. In addition, check out the rake on the rear windscreen that testers are desperately trying to camouflage.

Insider the new Range, your guess is as good as ours. In these early spy images we get a glimpse at the steering wheel and the TFT screen that displays the speedo and tach but that's it. Everything else is buttoned up tight. Word on the street suggests that it will remain largely unchanged, but we're not sure if that's an accurate assessment.

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By the way, isn't it EXTREMELY weird to see a Range Rover on the track?

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SPIED: I Spy The Next-Gen Range Rover In Sweden

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