We must admit we were kind of shocked when we saw the facelifted 2013 BMW 7-Series because we thought BMW would buck tradition and keep the combination traditional instrument display with a digital display for complimentary information like navigation turns, warning messages, etc., while companies like Jaguar, etc. would gamble on it to get an edge.

You all know I'm a former Apple guy and I LOVE technology.

But I also know there are certain lines you can cross with important brands that turn off the faithful even though on paper it seems like the ideas are to move the brand forward and for good reason.

So my first thought when I saw it on the refreshed 7 was that it was kind of gimmicky.

And knowing BMW the way that we do, we KNOW if it's on the 7, then it can't be far behind on other models.

And that's where the danger lies...

Would a mainstream BMW 3-Series buyer think it is a move in the right direction if their 3 had it or would it be like Rolex showing their face electronically on a retina display resolution screen?

Yeah, it would LOOK like a Rolex but in essence it would be fake.

So our question is do you think it will be a TURN ON to customers or a TURN OFF?

And should it be offered on other models in their lineup?

Would it jazz you or bother you if you were/are in the market for a BMW?

Our personal opinion at first glance is that it should only be offered as an option in order to gauge customer acceptance.

Kind of how Toyota did it on the old Supra's. You could buy a package with the digital speedo vs. traditional if you thought that was cooler.

Or is inevitable that all displays will be that way and just get over it?

Spies, discuss.

Full 2013 BMW 7-Series Real Life Photo Gallery

Facelift Features
Larger grille chrome surround
Nine grille slats (down from original 12 slats)
Large, full-width air intake in revised front apron (now split into three sections)
New air curtain vents
Pair of chrome bars in revised front apron
LED corona "angel" light rings
LED turn signal indicators in headlight (8 LED units on each side)
New 'eyelash' light strip at top of headlights
Squared corona rings for LED headlights
Side mirrors with integrated turn signals
Rear tailights now feature more contrast with differing shades of red
Second chrome strip in rear apron (and another slim chrome bar between four chromed tailpipe tips for 760Li)
Newly designed, more slender front seats
Individual rear comfort seats (standard on 760Li and optional on other models) - individually adjustable backrest angle, seat position, and head restraints
Optional Rear Seat Entertainment Package now includes iDrive controller and two 9.2" screens
Enhanced interior soundproofing
New interior ambient lighting (adjustable color - footwell and B-pillar lights)
Band & Olufsen sound system now available

New Generation Navigation System
Powered by 1.3GhZ processor and dedicated 3D graphics card
Revised graphical user interface with 3D elements, with menus presented in virtual, 3D spaces
Navigation displays revised and enhanced
Pie menu
Full speech recognition function and dictation function (for composing short text based messages), recognizes six languages
Two phones may now be paired to the car at the same time, via bluetooth
* See photos of the new navigation system below

Other Technology
Enhanced Active Cruise Control, featuring Stop & Go to automatically brake car if required
Active Protection, featuring Attention Assistant
BMW Parking Assistant
Hands-free trunk opening

Full 2013 BMW 7-Series Real Life Photo Gallery

**FULL DISCLOSURE - BMW paid for to attend the press launch of their new car and provided transportation, food and lodging.

The All New Fully Digital Dash Display On The 2013 BMW 7-Series. Will It Be A TURN ON Or TURN OFF For The BMW Faithful?

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