Carlsson, the German tuner known for their immaculate work on Mercedes-Benz, has created a new C25 Super Gt limited edition model. Based on the Mercedes-Benz SL, this particular C25 Super GT will be limited to the Chinese market.

The revamped SL-Class features a carbon fiber body that saves 397 lbs of body weight. Compared to the factory SL, the body receives redesigned front and rear lights, rear side and rear windows. Further highlights include composite brake system and C-Tronic Suspension chassis with iPhone control.

What is most surprising (and somewhat disappointing for those craving the power of a V12) is the engine choice. According to the aftermarket specialists, the C25 Super GT is getting the Carlsson V8 engine, developing a total output of 450 horsepower – not quite the 753 HP and 1,150 Nm of torque (848 lb-ft) found in the Mercedes SL600’s 6.0 liter bi-turbo engine.

The Carlsson C25 Limited Edition No. 1 will be transferred by air to Shanghai. The other six vehicles will be hand-manufactured over the next twelve months at Gut Wiesenhof in Merzig and then delivered to customers. The Carlsson C25 Limited Edition is available starting at a price of 4,000,000 RMB ($628,240).

“We wanted to develop a vehicle that is highly exclusive on the one hand, and on the other hand can be also be used for the daily commute to the office. A Super GT which impresses with its driving comfort in urban traffic as much as its capability to go from zero to 100. This concept is especially suited to the Chinese market and we are delighted with the very high level of interest,” said Carlsson CEO and engineer Markus Schuster.

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Carlsson C25 Super GT Limited Edition Destined for China

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