Probably one of the funnest things about when we receive pricing information from abroad first is that people tend do to a straight currency conversion then say "Oh, it costs 'X'."

Don't be dumb like the other guys.

There are other taxes/fees and Ferrari North American will set a U.S.-specific price.

Though if you note below, you can expect one thing -- The F12 Berlinetta, surprisingly, will be LESS expensive than the outgoing 599 GTB Fiorano.

I am sure you can make up for that with the plethora of options available, typical of the Scaglietti program.

The spectacular Ferrari F12berlinetta, presented in Geneva, is better and perhaps even prettier than the 599 GTB Fiorano and will be costing (in the Netherlands) at least 386.359 euros. That’s even cheaper (read: less expensive) than its predecessor, which cost 404.704. In Italy it’s on your driveway for ‘only’ 274.000, but you’ll be annoyed by the tax service of Monti and chances are you might just get handcuffed. With the more green and energy-saving HELE system, the F12berlinetta will make you a lousy 369.589 euros lighter. Evidently lots of extras are available such as a quite pricy luggage set, F1 steering wheel with indicator for gear changes, lots of carbon fiber components, exclusive options for the interior and so on.

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Ferrari Announces Pricing For The F12 Berlinetta Overseas, ONE Surprise

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