Not too long ago, before the debut of the all-new FF, the 612 Scaglietti reigned supreme at Ferrari. With its great sounding V12 wail, it was definitely a unique 2+2 that entered the market. Even better, it was a 2+2 that could actually fit four adults.

Unfortunately though, it is a Ferrari so the inevitable will happen. They will be crashed in spectacular fashion.

We noted this video of a 612 that experienced so much force upon impact it actually split in two. The good news is that the cabin remained in tact.

Unbelievably, only the driver had some minor injuries. His three passengers were said to have walked away "unscathed."

Be safe out there, Spies!

What makes this incident stand out - besides the fact that there's a Ferrari involved, is that the force of the crash was so brutal that it resulted in the front-end of the 612 Scaglietti being separated from the rest of the vehicle.

The only part of the Ferrari's front end that remained on the body was the passenger side fender.

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VIDEO: Flagship Ferrari Involved In Breathtaking Crash

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