You know what I love about AutoSpies? That we can ask questions and discuss the really FUN topics in the automotive kingdom.

Some of you may give us grief from time to time, but one thing 001's taught me it's that we have to have fun.

So, when I saw a vintage Ferrari 246 GTS "Dino" and I said "that's killer" and my passenger said "that thing's a death trap" I sort of chuckled to myself. Likely because if I were to go out in a fiery wreck, I'd love for it to be in a Dino.

That got my wheels turning: What were some other amazing cars that were stunning, fun to drive and likely to be considered a "death trap?"

While folks today look at a MINI Cooper or Smart ForTwo and likely have the same "I'd never drive that," response because it's too small comparable to today's oversized sport-utility vehicles, it's not until you see a Porsche 914 that you realize how good a MINI or Smart has it.

What say you?

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Can YOU Name Some Of The BEST And MOST Fun Death Traps That Were Produced?

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