It seems like our friend Fred Khaz wasn't the only auto spy who spotted vehicular oddities in the past week. A user-submitted photo sent to us shows off a very interesting Mercedes-Benz on a trailer.

Special thanks to our friend John C., who was traveling from Atlanta, GA to Phoenix, AZ. He says:

"Traveling from Atlanta to phoenix, I passed a convoy of Mercedes w manufacturer plates. Some were models I've never seen in the U.S."

John tells that he was on Interstate 10 heading towards Phoenix when he ran across approximately five Mercedes with Distributor plates plus what you're about to see on a trailer.

Now I have been following Mercedes-Benz's development of the next-generation S-Class quite closely and that car has LONG been without the heavy cladding for quite sometime. In addition, the next-gen S-Class has started its striptease of the standard and AMG variant for at least several months now.

This heavily camouflaged, seemingly S-Class product seems to have some really strange oddities going on, namely around that weird protrusion at the rear of the cabin. From the outline of the vehicle's greenhouse, there's no mistaking it is the next-gen S-Class. Also, note the sweeping rear taillights that are barely visible. Again, another S-Class trait.

So, what's up with that new addition and funky rear-end?

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