If you were to look at two major epicenters for business, specifically technology, you may start noticing a burgeoning trend. For eons, it seems, the go-to product for young and successful playthings in the financial or technology industry was a BMW. It was the perfect status symbol to say "Hey, I've made it and I am an up and comer."

Now though, the tide has turned. At least in San Francisco where this writer from Wired discusses how Audi has become the vehicle de rigueur "in the scene."

This shouldn't come as a surprise to most folks as Audi has continued to grow marketshare even after record breaking years of sales.

And techies may appreciate my analogy: Audi is like the Apple of the auto industry. After initial success, it has endured a "dark time" within the company's history only to start advancing to the top.

Now the question is: Will Audi reach the level of Apple's mainstream success? Time will tell.

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In tech’s epicenter, they seem to be ubiquitous: idling in front of venture capitalists’ Sand Hill Road offices, rolling down the block in San Francisco’s South of Market Area, and cruising the corporate campuses at Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

They’re not entrepreneurs, though they seem tightly correlated with startup hustle. They are Audis, a breed of German luxury car that seems to have uniquely captured the attention of the young and elite in Silicon Valley...

...“The problem with BMW is that there is a really high douchebag factor,” says Jacob Mullins, a senior associate at Shasta Ventures, now on his third Audi in seven years, a 2011 A5 convertible. “It’s just more prickish...

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