We spoke very recently at length to a trusty source within BMW who is familiar with the development of the upcoming F80 M3 sedan / F82 M4 coupe and we were able to confirm the following bits of news:


Regarding power output, the previously estimated 450HP figure is an overestimate. Instead, expect the horsepower output to be in ballpark of the current E90/E92 M3.

What will be increased greatly however, is the torque figure. The F80/F82's multi turbo inline 6 cylinder engine [recently exposed] will add approximately 100 lb-ft more torque over the current M3 (which outputs 295 lb-ft torque). This would put the new M3/M4 in the range of 395 lb-ft torque. There's nothing like forced induction for thrust!


We were also glad to learn that all this extra torque will not go to waste. We've been reporting that the F80 M3 / F82 M4 will be lighter than the current M3, but how much lighter is what we all want to know. The great news is that the M engineers have targeted the E46 M3 weight in developing the F80/F82.

The E46 M3's curb weight is 3,415 lb, while the current E90 M3 and E92 M3 weigh 3,726 and 3,704 pounds, respectively. This would represent an approximate 300 pound weight reduction; great news for BMW enthusiasts who bemoan the increasing weight of cars in general. The caveat to keep in mind however, is that curb weight is calculated based on the total weight of a vehicle with standard equipment, and with the ever growing list of standard equipment and technology in late model cars, don't be surprised or disappointed if you don't see exactly 300 pounds shaved. What's important is that the E46 M3 weight is being used as a target, which in any scenario, should result in significant weight reduction for the new M3 and M4.


This should come as no surprise for those who have been following our F80 M3 spy photos/videos. The F80 M3 sedan will feature a more drastic and aggressive look and styling from the F30 3 Series than the current E90 M3 does from the E90 3 Series. Our source said to think about how the 1M coupe looks compared to the 1 Series, and we believe it. The spy photos already show huge flared fenders, very aggressive front bumper styling, and a raised hood 'bump.' Check out how it may look in some of our preview renders.

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2014 BMW M3 / M4 to Gain About 100lb-ft More Torque While Targeting E46 M3 Weight

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