Well, for you football fans that are plugged into the scene, this may come as a bit of a surprise.

If you've been following this season so far, you probably would know by now that the Miami Dolphins snapped up Chad Johnson, otherwise known as "Ochocinco." You'd also know that things didn't work out on and off the field between Johnson and the Dolphins. Unfortunately for Johnson, he was released soon after he arrived.

But that hasn't stopped Johnson from having a bit of fun. We only know this because he recently picked up an all-new Lamborghini Aventador.

While I don't believe in worshiping athletes, I have to say I hope he knows what he's doing here and gets his act together.

American football wide receiver Chad Javon Johnson has had his fair share of bad days after allegedly assaulting his wife earlier this year. But the 34-year-old, now a free agent, seems to be doing pretty well having acquired himself a new White Lamborghini Aventador. Having lost his job with the Miami Dolphins, it is an unexpected acquisition!

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Chad Johnson, a.k.a.

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