While our cover image may appear to be an elderly gentleman behind the wheel of a car, you have to remember that saying: "You shouldn't judge a book by its cover."

That's because that's not just a village elder -- that's the world famous Walter Röhrl. And that's not just any car, that's the all-new Porsche supercar, the 918 Spyder.

In one minute and 15 seconds, Porsche summarizes essentially why the 918 Spyder IS a big deal -- as if we didn't already know -- and lets Röhrl explain how it compares to the last Porsche supercar, the Carrera GT.

According to Röhrl it is easier to drive at the limit than the Carrera GT. That's not saying much though considering anyone who's ever gotten behind the wheel has told me it is THE most difficult vehicle to drive because Porsche essentially built a racecar for the street.

Also, note that Röhrl says it has 800 horsepower, granted, that could just be an overstatement as reports have circulated saying the production vehicle will have power in the mid 700 range.

Rallye-legend Walter Röhrl talks about the handling of the 918 Spyder and why the Nürburgring is the only place in the world to help car manufacturers build the perfect car.

VIDEO: When Walter Röhrl Drives The All-New Porsche 918 You Stop, Watch And Listen

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