If you had not realized, in the past several days we've been focusing on all-new technology with today's latest and greatest automobiles. With the impending release of the all-new Mercedes-Benz S-Class, we're expecting some new groundbreaking tech to hit the roads. But, we already covered that.

Now we're a bit intrigued as to what YOU think are some of the best technology inventions that have made their way into the car.

It can range from ABS braking systems, to Xenon headlights or to GPS navigation units.

But to get into the spirit of things, we're going to start you off with several of the WORST technological inventions to make their way into the car.

Some examples:

1) Steering without a wheel

2) Pop-out windshield

3) Four-wheel steering

4) Steam power

5) Jet power

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An Ode To Technology - What Are Some Of The BEST Automotive Tech Inventions?

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