We've been following Jay Leno's automotive content for quite a bit of time now but now and while he's driven some of the world's most unique and exclusive products, we can't think of one time he's piloted a prototype. Well, until now that is.

While it was only yesterday we were happy to pass along some great spy photos of the 2014 Lexus IS, today we're seeing Leno give it a go around Fuji Speedway.

Though Leno and his crack staff say there are a host of things it can't talk about, during the one section where they're goofing around, it's clear that the upcoming IS will be sported up a bit; however, it will maintain its current powertrain.

Junichi Furuyama, chief engineer of Lexus' new top-secret compact sports saloon gives Jay a first look - and a test drive!

SPIED + DRIVEN: Jay Leno Gets Behind The Wheel Of The 2014 Lexus IS PROTOTYPE

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