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The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is considered the pinnacle of the large luxury sedan class. It has status, it typically is ahead of the curve in regards to its technology and the S is the benchmark for executive sedans. Everyone wants one and every sedan wants to emulate it in some way.

According to our friends from the U.K., things are just about to get interesting as Mercedes will be expanding the lineup.

First things first, word on the street suggests that the CL nomenclature is dead. The CL has now been properly placed into the S-Class' wheelhouse, which is what it was anyway.

Second, a cabriolet will be on its way. From the spy shots we've seen we believe it will take form of the S-Class Coupe; however, there was that Ocean Drive concept with four doors -- there's a chance, albeit, a slim one.

Third, the Pullman returns! There will be three different wheelbases for buyers to choose from. Standard, long and extra long, a.k.a. the Pullman. This will make up for the opening left by the demise of the Maybach brand.

No word on a debut but best guesses are targeting the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show in September for the S-Class and the 2014 Beijing Motor Show for the Pullman -- that's where the BIG money is anyway, right?

The new five-strong
Mercedes S-class line-up will include a new coupé model intended to compete directly with the Bentley Continental GT. The Mercedes CL replacement will get a more muscular appearance along the lines of the Continental GT, with an insider saying the model will get “less of a two-door saloon look”.

“The front is a lot more aggressive, there’s added structure to the flanks with a prominent drop line, a more rounded turret line and the rear overhang is significantly shorter,” said our source.

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RENDERED SPECULATION: Mercedes-Benz's Next-Gen S-Class Gets A Five-Strong Lineup

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