We have spied the F82 M4 coupe again and here is the most revealing look yet at what appears to be a production ready M4. With the great look that we have here, here's a list of notable elements that we see.

• Double slatted kidney grilles
• M4 badge on kidney grilles (a la M6) (currently covered)
• LED headlights
• LED tail lights
• Carbon ceramic brakes (optional) being tested in signature gold color (just as on F80 M3 prototype)
• Hood power dome/bulge
• Sculpted double-bubble carbon fiber roof (like M6 Coupe)
• Production side mirrors (still under camouflage)
• Integrated trunk spoiler
• Wide fenders
• Slanted exhaust tips
• Production sideskirts
• Wearing Continental ContiSportContact tires - 275/35 rear (like F80 M3)
• Gap in front fender for air breather vent? Location is too high to be the same 'boomerang' vent seen on the 3 Series GT and 4 Series Coupe prototypes, but it could take another form on the M4.
• Rear bumper design more clearly seen through camouflage now, which appears to have an aggressive squared-off design at the edges - a bit like the the F30 M Sport rear bumper.

What about the F82 M4 mechanicals? If you recall, we recently reported on information gleaned from the M4 prototype's registered VIN information (see here).

The highlight is the 310kW (415 hp) S55 3.0L inline 6 engine listed [photos]. Consistent with the information we've been posting, this would have the next M3 and M4 featuring similar horsepower figures to the current M3 (414 hp) from the 3.0L inline 6 multi-turbo S55 engine. But, we've also been previously told by a trusty source familiar with F80/F82 development that the cars will boast approximately 100 lb-ft more torque (in range of 395 lb-ft).

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Closest Look Yet at the BMW M4 Coupe.

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