After less than four years on the market, Aston is said to be pulling the V12 engine back out of the Vantage.

Discounting the Cygnet (which is really a Toyota product retrimmed in Gaydon), every model in the Aston Martin range is (or can be) powered by the same 6.0-liter V12. That includes the DB9, Vanquish and Rapide - as well as the discontinued DB7, DBS, Virage and the previous Vanquish. And it includes the Vantage. Typically powered by a smaller V8, Aston slotted its twelve-pot into the Vantage in 2009. Production was initially limited to 1,000 units, but after Aston brought it to America, it lifted the production restrictions.

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Aston Martin Dropping The V12 Vantage?

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