If you haven't been thoroughly impressed by the all-new Lexus IS' looks then maybe you should consider upping the ante with Toyota Racing Development, otherwise known as TRD.

In a series of shots, the little sporty division of Toyota shows off what appears to be some cosmetic and aerodynamic changes in its front and rear valence, side skirts, exhaust, rear trunk lid spoiler and 19-inch wheels.

In addition, you can get a new set of springs and dampers to drop the car a bit and tighten up its handling. No engine mods are available.

Oh, and it's only available in Japan.

That said, if you like what you say make sure to voice your opinion and maybe, just maybe, Lexus will listen. Though, we wouldn't hold our breath.

EXTREME Lexus Makeover: TRD Shows Off NEW Parts And Mods For The All-New Lexus IS

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