One of the programs we love to show off here on is the BMW Individual customization process. That's because it avails particularly discriminating BMW buyers the opportunity to really spec their car in a completely unique way.

BMWs can be optioned in uber rare colors that are often highly desirable and not made available for mass production.

Of course finding the right dealer willing to participate can be tricky AND there are some minor hoops to jump through. BMW can't build these unique cars only to have owners walk away at delivery. Remember, this is a business too.

Unfortunately for one gentleman looking to order his dream M3, he got the wrong color. Turns out the factory in Germany mis-painted his ordered Atlantis Blue, Atlantic Blue. As you can see from our cover image, the differentiation between the two blue hues is HUGE.

Problem is the owner is now out $80,000 cash and is awaiting a completely all-new car to be built. BUT because his car is at the very end of production, he will not get EVERYTHING he wants as originally ordered. Not to mention he will not have the chance to drive it on the Nurburgring.

So, now what?

What does BMW have to do to make this right?

Killing some time around 10:15am, I go down to the gift shop. I notice a selection of touchup paints and initially think to myself, "Oh they wont have my color". I walk up and see my color! BUT WAIT! Pulling it off the shelf I notice it's Atlantic, not Atlantis blue. Putting it back on the shelf I am SHOCKED to see that there is an Atlantis blue touchup bottle behind it! JACKPOT! What are the odds that a non-standard color in the ENTIRE BMW CATALOG would be available here in there small selection of touchup paints?

At 10:40 I find myself back in the lounge, watching all the happy people accept their new vehicles. At this point, I notice a US-spec M3 (judging by the reflectors in the bumper) and think "Wow, someone has an Atlantic blue M3 on the same day as my Atlantis Blue". Oh no no no no no..... it hits me. THAT IS MY CAR!

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The Story Of A Wrongly Painted BMW M3, $80,000 And One Man's Quest To Get The Car He Originally Ordered

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