Though Pagani may be a small volume automaker, there's no question that Horacio Pagani and his team of artisans are building the most supreme autos on the planet right now. They feature massive AMG-produced motors, sound gorgeous, look like something you dreamed up when you were young AND they have the most gorgeous details anyone could ask for in a vehicle.

Everything from the nuts and bolts to the interior's switchgear is Pagani-fied. It's a really beautiful thing.

And when Evo Magazine's Harry Metcalfe was given the chance to drive the 760 RS, he noted that someone well known had commissioned another 760 RS but their initials were "LH." I wonder who THAT could be?

Obviously it was F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Though it's a quick clip, it's still amazing to see Hamilton's dark purple Pagani working its way around Monaco.

If you see it this weekend, send us some snaps! We'd love to see it!

Hey guys!

I'm in Monaco for the Formula One GrandPrix and I was very lucky. I got to see F1 driver Lewis Hamilton's Pagani Zonda 760 LH. It's a very rare one-off car built by genius car-builder Horacio Pagani. This monster has, as its name suggests, 760 horse power and it looks absolutely CRAZY !!!

VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton's One-Off Pagani 760 RS Has Been SPOTTED!

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