It's the summer car buying season and dealers are hard at work trying to move the metal.

They just nabbed me with the 2014 BMW X1 and many of my friends are emailing me that they need help choosing their next ride.

We're at a great car buying moment in time because we believe there is no better time than right now to be considering a purchase.


1. There are more great products out there than there have ever been.
2. There are some outrageously great deals to be had in almost every category.

So let us know the brand/model you are considering if you've got the bug like us and tell us WHY that is the one getting you all hot and bothered and why you have to throw down for it.

And are you buying or leasing?

It would also be great to tipoff all our Spies to any great deals you're seeing out there as well.

Spies, discuss....

Which Car Or Truck Are You In The Market For Right Now And WHY Are You SO Hot About It?

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