For 2013 Jeep snuck out what turned out to be the killer color of the year on the 10th Annniversary Rubicon. That color is Anvil.

Well, the 2014 wranglers are just weeks away from hitting dealers and Jeep has announced the anvil will be available on ALL Wranglers in model year 2014.

But add some sizzle they have also added a few new colors and here is the color chart.

Copperhead pearl, Amp'd, Granite Crystal and Hydro Blue are new and Flame Red makes a comeback although we don't know why it ever left.

An inside scoop on the Hydro Blue for those who are thinking of ordering one and want to know what it will look like in real life is that it is the SAME color of the blue on the New Brunswick Hydro trucks.

The head of Jeep USA, Jim Morrison is from Canada and remembered it from when he was a kid and always was fond of it.

The only bad news on colors is you won't see most of these until later in the year and not at launch.

WHICH of the new colors is your favorite and which one would YOU order if you were buying one?

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SPIED! 2014 Jeep Wrangler To Get New Color Choices. WHICH Is YOUR Favorite?

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