One of the latest and, up there with some of the most heinous, creations coming from London was the "Furrari." A cute nickname for someone's ill-advised velvet wrap of a Ferrari 599 GTB. Why someone would do this baffles me but not as much as that gunmetal and yellow pinstripe wheel combination that ups the awful.

But it's their money. Let them do as they wish.

One issue though. This isn't the first velvet-wrapped car we've seen and the question typically comes up: "So, what do you do when it rains?" Being in London, this is essentially a daily occurrence.

Well, someone's finally caught the Furrari in a bit of rain and, frankly, it doesn't look good. Not one bit.

While we don't know what the maintenance procedure is post rain, we do wonder if there is a serious mold problem lurking under that wrap now.

Dumbest Rich Man in the World THREE??!! It was a matter of time before this FAMOUS Furrari experienced the British summer. Many of you asked what would happen to this in the rain...Lets just say he needs a few hours with a hairdryer!!

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