The Porsche 911 is one of those icons that will always be lusted after, old or new. Some folks love them to death — literally — and others will decry it is merely a dressed up Volkswagen Beetle.

One thing that I think this all-new Petrolicious video gets at though is that the 911 has a certain spirit within that cannot be replicated. From the early models' widowmaker-like qualities to the sound of that remarkable six-cylinder motor, owner Donato Maniscalco articulates why his 1968 911t is special.

It's the story of the realization of one man's dream and the story of early 911s.

With its many curves, elevation changes, and natural beauty, the Italian countryside is a perfect place to own a vintage car. While many dream of the legendary cars to roam these roads, when Donato Maniscalco was ten years old, his car of dreams was a Porsche 911. Years later that dream was realized when he purchased a 1968 Porsche 911t. Instead of keeping his collection of cars and his 911 in a garage, Donato observes the rich history of Italian motoring and regularly participates in rallies and drives. Donato can regularly be found whipping his car around the beautiful country hillsides of Italy.

VIDEO: Why A Porsche 911 Is Like NO Other, ESPECIALLY In Italia

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