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Well all know the 'Black Friday' phenomenon has grown bigger than life for the retail stores so it seems logical that car dealers are trying to capitalize and are running BF deals up the ying yang in hopes to score.

But we want to know, would YOU buy a car on Black Friday?

And are there any deals out there that you've seen that are hotter than the normal deals constantly being pushed?

My neighbor asked me what ride they should get because their ride is ready for the scrap heap and they told me that would wait until New Year's Eve to buy one figuring that would be the best day to buy it.

Unfortunately, they have yet to start reading Auto Spies becuase if they did they would know the last day of the year is the WORST day of the year to buy because dealers KNOW most customers are doing it for tax reasons and they KNOW you have to buy that day. Plus, the dealers are packed full of idiots trying to do the same thing so they have very little incentive to go any lower than an advertised price.

So if you ask us, Black Friday could be one of the best days of the year to buy becuase MOST people are out looking for iPhones and big screen tv's.

I was bit by the Black Friday bug a few years ago and ended up getting a ridiculously great deal on a 911 Carrera S dealer demo. Here is a link to that article if you want to read about it

Ford is doing a deal in the San Diego area that seems kinda cool...Cut your BEST deal on any Ford and get a $450 Apple Gift Card as a bonus.

But this one caught our eye...$30k Off on remaining 2013 Porsche Panamera's!

One last the first in on Friday morning and be ready to buy becuase dealers will take a loser first deal of the day to get a point on the board to start the day right and pump up their sales guys.

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Are ANY Black Friday Car Advertisements Exciting YOU Enough To Buy A Car Tomorrow?

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