BMW M GmbH has developed for the track enthusiasts a free smartphone application, which allows future M3 sedan and M4 coupe owners to analyze their personal driving style.

Customers can operate the BMW M Laptimer app easily using the iDrive Controller once their smartphone is hooked up to the car and the application then gets to work without delay, recording the car’s speed, longitudinal and lateral acceleration, engine revs, the gear engaged (if the M DCT or automatic gearbox is specified), steering angle, accelerator position and fuel consumption.

When the data is subsequently analyzed via graphic displays on the customer’s smartphone, the driver’s reactions can also be assessed. Another feature allows two recordings on the same track to be compared corner-by-corner. The readings used here can be either the driver’s own or data shared via email.

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New BMW M To Have Lap Timer App That Analyzes Driving Style

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