What can tell about the new BMW M3 performance sedan and M4 coupe? 

Both of these road warriors can be summed up quickly by the following;

Both come to US as 2015 models as early as the summer of 2014

The M3 is produced in Regensburg Germany

The M4 is produced in Munich

Both will come with a twin turbo 6 cylinder with 425HP/406 ft/lb of torque with a 7600 RPM lidline

0-60 of around 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 155MPH

But as they say pictures are worth a thousand words, but movies are another thing all together.  With that being said kick back and turn up the volume and break out the note pad as you check out these official videos.

Break Out the Popcorn and Turn Up the Sound! It's A M3 And M4 Video Palooza!

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