Now the 2015 Subaru WRX may have JUST made its big debut at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show in November but it's already out and about. Well, not for the general public at least.

Expect it to hit showrooms this spring.

But if you've been wondering about the vehicle since seeing its initial debut, then you've got to check out this review by AutoWeek. It may confirm/deny/reveal some fears you may have had about the latest 'Boob to make it to production.

Given its the de facto vehicle for folks who want to go fast but don't care about the rest, it's been interesting — for me — to see it grow up just a little bit.

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Excerpts from AutoWeek's review follow:


What's it like to drive?

Direct, direct and direct. Any slushiness that was left in the WRX has been ironed out. The steering's light -- perhaps a little too light -- and not the most feelsome system in the world. It will, however, allow you to aim the car with exceptional accuracy. Paired with the excellent undercarriage and high levels of grip, the homely little sedan makes for an excellent point-to-point projectile...


Do I want it?

Grown-ups in search of teenage kicks might find the Focus ST more encouraging of abject delinquency. The smaller Fiesta ST offers precision dynamics that'll shame cars four times the price at the cost of a bit of practicality. The upcoming Mk VII GTI is a fully adult hatch with no bad habits, plenty of good ones and the loveliest interior of the bunch. The WRX, though, makes no apologies for what it is: an all-weather speed weapon that barely calls attention to itself. The previous car's goodness is amplified. If its shortcomings haven't been eliminated, they've been at least ironed out. If you think you probably want one, you definitely do...


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