Executives are marching along a well-worn path as they look to reinvigorate the Infiniti brand in the U.S. and turn it into a viable competitor to Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Lexus in the luxury-vehicle segment worldwide.

The formula they are following is the same one perfected by the very marques Infiniti hopes to challenge: An expanded product lineup, consistent brand messaging, market discipline and a financially strong dealer network that delivers the kind of retail experience top-end customers demand.

Infiniti took a small, first step forward in its revival with the new Q50 sedan launched last year as a more modern replacement for its G-series lineup (though the G37 remains in showrooms for now). But the big product moves won’t begin until next year, as the Nissan luxury brand launches a smaller, entry-level sedan and inches toward a broader vehicle lineup.

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Infiniti Determined To Become Relevant Again In The Luxury Market

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