McLaren's back with a vengeance. Since the launch of the MP4-12C we've seen the company roll out an all-new flagship product to follow up the legendary F1, and in addition, we've been presented with the 650S. But, there's more.

Although we've been reporting to you that McLaren has been working on a middler between the MP4-12C — we weren't talking about the 650S — more speculation about a more serious top dog has come to light. Though details remain slim, Car and Driver is saying it will cost about $500,000 and it may involve a tie-up with Honda.

Though it may seem peculiar, keep two things in mind:

1) Gordon Murray was obsessed with the Acura NSX.

2) Honda will be supplying McLaren's racing outfit with motors starting in 2015.

Could it be true? Well, we live in a world where BMW and Toyota are working hand-in-hand, so, anything's possible.


An intriguing possibility is the involvement of Honda, which will power McLaren’s Formula 1 cars starting in 2015. When the F1 road car was being developed in the 1990s, Honda declined to join the program because a large-displacement V-12 engine was required. But times have changed and engine downsizing is rampant. It now makes sense for McLaren to leverage Honda’s extensive hybrid technology experience as it moves forward with the P15.

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