When it comes to a tragedy, it's best that we all walk away taking a lesson from what happened. Otherwise, what's the point in all the fawning and obsessing over the whole thing? To me, it's important that we all take something away from the unfortunate death of not one, but two, individuals.

By now we've all heard the story of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas. Their last ride involved a bright red Porsche Carrera GT and speeding that ended in their demise. With estimates tagging the vehicle's speed at around 100 mph, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's office released documentation saying the vehicle made impact between 80 and 93 mph.

In addition, it was made clear that the Carrera GT's tires were over nine years old. Keep in mind that Porsche specifically designed an all-new tire for the GT that was engineered to provide a better driving experience with more grip. Clearly, the car in question wasn't sporting the all-new tire.

So, taking these matters into account there's a couple of questions that are lingering for me:

1) Has this taught YOU anything in terms of speeding and knowing when to respect your vehicle's limit?

2) Will YOU be MORE mindful of your tires age and wear AFTER this crash?

What say you, Spies?

Porsche's press release follows:

Porsche acknowledges findings of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the California Highway Patrol

Atlanta. We appreciate the meticulous analysis by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the California Highway Patrol. It is a sad day for us whenever anyone is injured in one of our cars, and this was a particularly tragic event. At the same time, the results of the investigation show that, according to all the available evidence, this crash was caused by dangerous driving at speeds much too high for the road in question. There is also evidence that this particular vehicle had been altered from its original design state and had not been maintained properly.  However, there is no evidence of any mechanical malfunction. We stand by our Carrera GT and by the investigation and conclusions of the responsible authorities.

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Has The Paul Walker Crash TAUGHT YOU Anything About Speeding And Maintaining YOUR Ride?

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