With the internet you just never know what's going to show up next. Sometimes it's incredibly wacky one-off custom autos, other times it's a barn find and today's pick may just be utter crap.

That's because a 2002 Aston Martin Vanquish, which wasn't exactly a great car, is expected to fetch about $1 million dollars. Why, you ask? Well, it's considered a "one-off" Official 50th Anniversary Hall of Fame car. Featuring a vinyl wrap that mimics hardwood, it's adorned with the signatures of some of the NBA's greatest players to hoop.

Some of the signatures include:

- Michael Jordan
- Charles Barkley
- Moses Malone

Now what isn't clear is if this car is the "official" car of the NBA, the NBA Hall of Fame, or someone's personal collection.

So, I have to ask: is THIS Aston Martin Vanquish AWESOME or AWFUL?

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AWESOME or AWFUL? Is THIS Autographed Aston Martin Vanquish REALLY Worth The $1 Million PLUS Estimate? I Like Basketball And All But...

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