Although the BMW i8 seems to have gained mixed opinions from the enthusiast community and auto critics alike, the one thing folks need to realize about the i8 is that it is the future of BMW. Whether or not people know it yet is where it gets interesting.

If you need any proof point to support this, the BMW X5 eDrive is using the same equipment found in the i8.

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And if you've ever driven any of BMW's currently existing products in Eco Pro, you probably would notice that if you let the car coast it, more or less, carries itself for a good while. Though this is pure speculation, something tells me that BMW has already started applying lessons learned in its "green" vehicles to its standard models.

All this said, BMW recently produced a video clip to show you just how much work went into the i8 to keep it light and increase its fuel efficiency. As this is what's keeping all automotive executives up a night, it's worth a look to see what to expect from future Bavarian products.

**Watch the FULL video below and be sure to put on your learning caps!

More than a decade ago, the BMW Group launched it's Efficient Dynamics development strategy. The aim: making BMW vehicles more dynamic and more efficient at once.

To make this possible, the BMW engineers have to review nearly every detail of the car. The ongoing development affects every new BMW. Here are some exciting examples.

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