As I have been unhappy to report, I've had a few run-ins with the law. It wasn't for anything serious, just tickets on the road. Some times they were for something silly, like tints, and other times they were issued for actions I take full responsibility for, like speeding. But when you're in the court room and there's 100 plus people joining you in the fun, it's oh-kay to wonder:

Is this just another way for municipalities to generate a buck?

This thinking is furthered on by the prosecutor's actions, which will almost always consist of meeting with every single driver before their time in front of the judge to cut them a "deal." Usually it goes something like this: Essentially, the prosecutor offers a deal where no DMV points will be added to your license provided you pay a significant premium over the original violation's cost. Considering most people are hard working guys like you and I, we take the bait and pony up the bills. You certainly don't want to have the insurance company jack up your rate.

And we're sure the government would say they're doing YOU a favor by offering such a service AND that this methodology will make driver's think twice before they act next go 'round, I will say this: it hasn't changed ONE thing about the way I drive.

So, do YOU think that tickets make the roads SAFER or is it just another REVENUE generator for cash-strapped jurisdictions?

Do Tickets Actually Make The Roads SAFER Or Are They Just A REVENUE Generator?

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