One company that I constantly see a tremendous amount of potential from is Infiniti. But, potential doesn't always lead to sales. That's because if a company or product doesn't reach it's potential, it's all fruitless. It doesn't matter.

Right now Infiniti is in that spot.

With some curious strategy decisions — it's selling the G37 in parallel with the all-new Q50 — and some products that are also rans in its segment — I am looking at the Q70 (formerly M) — the company needs a big-time boost. But, what will do that?

The Q30 Concept, which is a five door hatch, is much discussed as that space is hot right now. But, the competition is stiff with the likes of the Audi A3, BMW 2-Series, Mercedes-Benz CLA, et al. If it were to take the Q30 and make it more of a crossover, it will go face-to-face with the Audi Q3, BMW X1, Mercedes-Benz GLA and Lexus NX. Once again, how does this company differentiate itself in a crowded space?

This is, in our mind, Johan de Nysschen's problem. The good news is that in an interview with Auto Express, a Nissan VP provides enough vague answers to tell us one thing: they're clearly trying to be cutting edge. That's not a bad thing.

With the Q30, a possible halo car and electric vehicles on the way, we're thinking Infiniti has a shot. It will just take time.

That said, is there anything missing that YOU think Infiniti SHOULD BE offering the market place? How would you differentiate the company if YOU had control?

...So, does that mean we can expect an Audi Allroad-style crossover Q30? “There’s a lot coming, watch this space,” came the reply.

We also asked Palmer if Infiniti’s electric supercar concept car, the Emerg-E, will ever see production. “There’s room in the mid-term plan for a halo car of the Emerg-E nature. The design execution still needs some discussion, though. But yes, you can see a halo car in our future,” he said. Will it be all-electric, a hybrid, or just use the Q50 Eau Rouge concept’s 560bhp bi-turbo V6?

“We need to be progressive”, Palmer explained...

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