Mercedes-Benz is planning a 'super-luxury' version of its GL-Class seven-seat SUV (pictured) as part of the launch of the Maybach sub-brand. That's the clear message behind comments from senior Mercedes-Benz insiders speaking at last week's Italian launch of the new S-Class coupe.

The move sees Maybach set to become to luxury, what AMG is for performance for the Daimler brand. And SUVs appear key to the Maybach 'comeback'. 

Although not a return to models badged Maybach in their own right, the plan will see a number of models offered at super-luxury specification levels and/or standalone chassis configurations.

The first new Maybach-badged model will be a stretched long-wheelbase S-Class. One of six configurations built on the new W222 series S-Class architecture, the 'S-Class by Maybach' will remain a two-row car, unlike the three-row Pullman ultra-long-wheelbase that will top-off the big Benz sedan line-up.

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