If there's one thing we've been waiting for with the BMW 3-Series, it's been the powerplants.

Although we know people LOVE the N55 motor, to us, it seemed a bit weak for BMW to carry it over and keep it in the lineup for so long. Now though it sounds like that's all about to change as BMW is gearing up for a nomenclature change — we introduce to you the 330i and 340i, folks.

It seems that BMW is going to make this change with the newly revamped 3-Series, which is currently testing its Lifecycle Impulse (LCI). That's just BMW's fancy schmancy way of saying "facelift" or "update."

Spotted testing was the revised 3'er and though I can spot the MINOR changes, I want to know if YOU can see the little modifications with these shots!

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[Updated 7/11/14]: While the exterior changes will be minor, significant changes will take place under the hood and with the model's nomenclature. According to our latest info, the 335i will become the 340i with the LCI refresh while having its N55 engine replaced by the B58 engine. The 328i will become the 330i and have its N20 engine replaced by the B48 engine.

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SPIED: The Bavarians Start Preparing The 3-Series For Its Lifecycle Impulse (LCI) — Can YOU Spot The Changes?

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